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Barber Crossover

Course Description:

This course is to prepare a licensed professional cosmetologist (currently licensed and active for 1 year) to become a qualified Cosmetologist/Barber in the basic services, theories and principles of barbering.  This program will offer a licensed cosmetologist the ability to expand their services and knowledge in the barbering profession.  The content of the course is taught over a period of 3 weeks, 8:30-4:30 Monday and Tuesday’s, for a minimum of 45 clock hours.   The units of study and the completion requirements meet those required by the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners.


Tuition and Fees:

The total tuition and fees for the barber crossover program is $905. When the enrollment agreement is signed, $50 (registration fee) from total tuition should be paid with the balance of tuition being paid at the commencement of classes. 



  • Business Casual

  • Jeans or Slacks are acceptable and must be solid in color with no holes.

  • Shoes or boots should be closed toe and neutral in color.  No tennis shoes


Course Outline:

  1.  History of Barbering (5 Hours)

Topics:  History of Barber profession

               History of the Barber Pole

  1.  The Art of Shaving (40 Hours)

Topics:  Shaving Basics


                  Safety and Disinfection

                  Face Shapes and Beard Designs


                  Equipment and Tools

                  Use of the strop

                  Examination Preparation


Employment opportunities include, but are not limited to:  salon stylist, salon owner, sales, marketing, platform work, barber stylist, and barber shop owner.  The individuals taking this course, will most likely have a current position in one of professions listed above.

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