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Merrell University offers a program in barbering which includes hair design, history, skin care and shaving.  This is a program in the services, theories, and principles of barbering arts and sciences.  This program is a full-time program for a minimum length of 1,000 clock-hours covering approximately 34 weeks. 


The nature of this occupation includes, but is not limited to: styling, cutting, permanent waving, relaxing, coloring, skin care, hairpieces and shaving.  Upon completion of this course, the graduate will have the skills necessary for entry-level employment.

Already a licensed cosmetologist? Check out the BARBER CROSSOVER PROGRAM



Tuition and start dates are subject to change without notice.

Merrell University is a Pivot Point Member School – CLICK HERE to learn more about this exclusive and internationally acclaimed educational system available to our students.

At Merrell University, we believe it’s our responsibility to give you the best in beauty education. For over 30 years, our continued commitment to creating “real client” educational experiences and great educational content helps students attain sustainable careers within the beauty industry. Our entire staff want to see each student succeed, and believe that what we teach is relevant to further their career.

We provide education in a three step approach:

LEARN IT (with Lecture and visual aid),

WATCH IT(Live demonstration by instructors and guest presenters),

DO IT (full services on mannequins and real clients).

Other tools for success and provided to each student are: Access to Pivot Point LAB, A Designer’s Approach®, Salon Fundamentals®, Mindful Teaching®, mannequins and industry-relevant tools. All of these tools, at all stages of their training, provide education that enhance everyday experiences and combat consistent changes within the industry. Merrell University’s believes students should continue education forever, and “Inspire you, to inspire others.”


Upon completion of the course, students will have acquired the technical abilities and academic theories that meet the requirements of the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners. After obtaining licensure, Merrell University offers assistance with job placement in an entry-level position. Classes are held Wednesday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a 30-minute lunch period.


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